How to Download and Install PC Matic For Free

In right now, the web is loaded with virus, malware or adware and Trojan virus. You have to shield yourself from these online threats. For Protection, you need antivirus or anti-malware software installed on your PC. So in this article, we mentioned all the steps that you need to DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL PC MATIC.

PC Matic is the absolute best antivirus software. However, PC Matic is the best fits for normal client necessities. Since it gives total protection from virus and online threats and junk files and it’s in the financial plan.

What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is antivirus software for users who are looking for affordable protection. PC Matic provides an effective optimization, whitelisting approach to malware detection, and a low impact on system load.

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PC Matic Antivirus is a powerful tool that gets rid of adware and other unwanted programs.

PC Matic is available in both free as well as premium version, a free version that need to manual updates and allows you to scan and make a diagnosis your computer.

And a $50/year premium version that runs without human intervention and consist of active antivirus protection; this application is easy to use if you follow a few simple steps.

PC Matic Key Features

Real-time security: PC Matic checks applications for the duration of set up for any indications of vindictive movement.

On-Demand Scan: Optionally examines all current files on the gadget for infections, as well as framework files.

Schedule investigation: Adjust the examination schedule changeable. Timetable sweeps hourly, every day, week after week, or none.

Web Portal: control your gadget from the web! – Whitelist: If you recognize an application that PC Matic makes use of as possibly unsafe, you can whitelist it from checking.

PC Matic System Requirements:

Your PC or laptop should meet the system requirements hence you can successfully install PC Matic on windows.

  • Operating system: PC is only compatible with Windows (all versions), Android and iPhone and all available smartphones.
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor required
  • Memory: 512MB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk: 1GB Free Space required

How to Download and Install PC Matic?

If your computer fulfills the system requirements, then follow the below given installation process to Download, install and use the PC Matic.

Here is the process for How to download and Install PC Matic on your computer. Completely follow the given steps:

Step 1: First of all visit PC Matic official website.

Step 2: Login in PC Matic Account

Step 3: Now, Visit PC Pitstop download page.

Step 4: Click on Download Button

Step 5: Select the folder in which you want to download the file

Step 6: When downloading finish, Double click on the downloaded file

Step 7: Windows Dialogue box will open

Step 8: Asking for permission

Step 9: Click on RUN

Step 10: Now Follow the on-screen steps for installation

Step 11: Now, Click on finish

Step 12: Reboot your system

Step 13: Now, PC Matic activated and securing your computer.

PC Matic Download with License Key

Here we talk about procedure for PC Matic download with license key and how to install the free version of PC Matic Antivirus as well as with license key bit by bit in simple manner.

Step 1: On the PC, in which you need to set up PC Matic, open an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and so forth.).

Step 2: In the search bar, type “” and press Enter.

Step 3: The set up file will be downloaded consequently. It tends to be found in the base left corner of your program (Chrome) or your Downloads organizer.

Step 4: Double-click the set up file, or snap once and press Enter.

Step 5: When driven for User Account, compose, click ‘Yes’.

Step 6: Choose a language and squash OK

Step 7: study and consent to the permit contract, at that point click Next.

Step 8: Click Next to affirm the set up area.

Step 9: Click ‘Next’ to affirm the area of the Start Menu.

Step 10: Opt whether to produce a work area alternate route and snap Next.

Step 11: Select a set up. • When complete, select Start PC Matic and snap Finish.

Step 12: Once PC Matic is up, click Login in the lower-left corner.

Step 13: Log in to your PC Matic account with email and secret phrase. Introduce PC matic on Mac Computers

Step 14: Click the download connect above to download PC Matic Mac.

Step 15: To finish the set up process, you have to know the chairman secret key for your PC. By and large, this is the secret phrase you use to sign in to your Mac every day.

Step 16: Navigate to the area where you downloaded or spared the .dmg set up file.

Step 17: Double-click the InstallPCMatic.dmg file to begin the set up process.

Step 18: Right-click on the PC Matic.pkg file and click on ‘Open’ to proceed with the set up.

Step 19: Click Open again and afterward click Continue, click Install.

Step 20: Login into the product by entering the secret word.

Before it is done, your device may request that you permit your framework to develop. System expansions are significant for antivirus items and ought to permit PC Matic to ensure your gadget. Snap Open Security Settings in the message.

How to Download PC Matic Free

Step 1:  On the device you wish to install PC Matic on, go to

Step 2:  Click on “Download

Step 3:  Double-click the downloaded set up file.

Step 4:  Follow the prompts for installation

Step 5:  After you have installed PC Matic, restart the PC

Step 6:  Launch PC Matic

Step 7:  Click “Login” at the bottom left corner.

Step 8:  Enter in the email address and password associated with your PC Matic account to have access to PC Matic

How to Install PC Matic On another Computer

Step 1:  You can install the PC Matic application on your system by downloading the software file from the official site.

Step 2:  Copy the downloaded file onto the CD, and then insert it into the computer’s hard drive you want the PC Matic antivirus software.

Step 3:  After that, open the downloaded PC Matic file and follow the on-screen how to install PC Matic instructions to finish the installation.

Step 4:  Once the software is installed on your Windows, restart your system.

Step 5:  After restarting the system, click the PC Matic icon to launch it.

Step 6:  Enter the required data in the given field and click the Login button.

Step 7:  Once the installation process is done, start using the PC Matic software as per your need.

How to Install PC Matic on Android Phones

Step 1:  Go to the “Play Store” from your phone.

Step 2:  Type PC Matic in the search bar and press Enter.

Step 3:  Touch the PC Matic application on the rundown.

Step 4:  On the application page, tap Install.

Step 5:  Click open after the establishment wrapped up.

Step 6:  Login to your record with your subtleties.

Step 7:  PC Matic establishment is finished!

We hope that you could install PC Matic Antivirus software.


How to Login to PC Matic

To login to PC Matic account, you need to follow these below given steps-

Step 1:  Open

Step 2:  Use your login details and click to login

How to Add a Device to Your PC Matic Account

Step 1:  Install the PC Matic on the computer that you wish to add to Your PC Matic Account.

Step 2:  Once complete, select to Launch PC Matic and click Finish.

Step 3:  When PC Matic launches, click Login in the lower left corner.

Step 4:  Enter your PC Matic account email address and password and click Login.

How to Activate PC Matic

Step 1:  Firstly, open the PC Matic software after the installation.

Step 2:  Key in the Activation Code correctly in the User Interface window.

Step 3:  Open the License Renewal tab

Step 4:  And select the New Activation Code menu.

Step 5:  Choose the Purchase Activation code option.

Step 6:  Follow the instructions displayed on the system’s screen to complete the activation process.

How to Run a PC Matic Scan

After completing the installation of PC Matic, you will need to do your first security scan.  Therefore to do the first scan, follow these steps.

Step 1:  To open PC Matic, click on the shield icon located in the task bar near your clock, and select “Launch PC Matic”.

Step 2:  If you are not already logged into PC Matic, to log in, click the “Login” option on the bottom left corner.  If you are already logged in, jump to step 4.

Step 3:  Then you will need to use your email and password associated with your PC Matic account to log in.

Step 4:  Once you are logged in, you will see your dashboard.   From here, click “Scan“ button, which is on the left side of the screen.

Step 5:  Follow the prompts to complete the scan.

Step 6:  Once the scan is completed, Click “Next” in the bottom right, corner and follow the prompts to complete the suggested enhancements and updates.

Step 7:  Once all suggested enhancements and updates have been completed, reboot your PC.

How to Update Your PC Matic Account Information

Follow the steps below to update your personal data from the PC Matic user interface.

Step 1:  Log into PC Matic.

Step 2:  Once logged in, at the top of the screen you will see your name, email address, license number, expiration date, and the word “(Edit)”.

Step 3: Click on “(Edit)” option, from here you can update your name, email address, password, specifies gender and year of birth.

Step 4:  Once you are done updating your information, click “Modify” to save the changes made.

How Much does PC Matic really Cost?

PC Matic costs only $50 for 5 devices — it is one of the most affordable pricing in the market. As well, you can buy the license of up to 125 devices, the price will change increasingly.

Also, PC Matic is the only product that offers a lifetime subscription on the price of $150 for 5 devices.

We hope that you successfully installed PC Matic. If you have to face any difficulties to use the PC Matic software, the you can contact with PC Matic official HelpDesk.

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  1. PC-Matic is proved very good in quality for me. The paid version evergreen five pc licenses, I have been using for about three years, and I got some positives result in the Super Shield. You can set protection to industry standards (blacklist only) in protection level to get a hold past some blocking of printers over WiFi if left on Super Shield protection


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